Monday, September 8, 2008

Prostration and Psychological Distress

Solah as a mean to combat distress is not alien in Islam. Whenever the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) was troubled or distressed because of something, he would call on Bilal saying, “Relieve us with it (Prayers), O Bilal.” And Bilal would pronounce the Azan for Prayers.
The latest studies carried in Egypt in the Local Radiation Technology Center discovered that prostration before Allah frees man from physical pain, psychological Tension and other neurotic and bodily pains. The biological sciences and food radiation specialists working in the center, under the supervision of D. Muhammad Diaa Hamad, have discovered that prostration reduces fatigue, tension, headache, nervousness and anger. Prostration also plays a major role in minimizing the risk factors for cancers.
The researchers have stated that man is subjected to extra radiations and live most of his time amid electromagnetic fields and media, which negatively affect the cells of his body, causing their fatigue and exhaustion. But prostration before Allah helps the body to discharge these extra charges that cause modern-age diseases as headache, muscular cramps, neck spasms, tiredness and exhaustion, apart from forgetfulness and absentmindedness. They stressed that the increase of electromagnetic charges without discharging them aggravate the state and make it more complex, because they cause a disturbance in the mechanism of the cells and damage their performance, and paralyze their interaction with the external environment. Consequently, carcinogenic tumors grow and fetuses are deformed. Scientists have proved that prostration represents a ground connection that helps the discharge of excess and generated charges outside the body and get rid of them away from using medicines and analgesics that have harmful side effects.
The Egyptians experts have affirmed that this discharge process starts by connecting (placing) the forehead to the ground, as in prostration, where the positive charges are transferred from the human body to the negatively charged ground. Consequently, the body is freed from excess charges, especially by using several members. When prostrating oneself before Allah, man uses several members, namely: the forehead, the nose, the palms, the knees and the toes, whereby the discharge process becomes easy and simple.
In another magnificent discovery, the researchers have noticed in their studies that the discharge of the electromagnetic charges from the human body in prostration requires directing oneself towards Sanctified Mecca, and that is exactly what happens in the prayers of Muslims, by facing the Qiblah, (direction faced in prayers), which is the Sanctified Ka‘bah in Mecca.
The scientists attributed it to the fact that Sanctified Mecca is the center of the land in the whole world and lies at the middle of the earth (and not Greenwich as commonly believed). Directing oneself towards the center of the earth, towards the Sanctified Ka’bah, is the best position for discharge, through which man is freed from his cares and enjoys after it a spiritual relief, which is exactly what Muslims feel after offering prayers. Wallau A'lam

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