Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ablution or Wudu' as a brain stimulant

The further the scientific discoveries go, the more proofs appear - of an undoubted use of everything the ALMIGHTY has prescribed for his best creation - a human being. I'd like to offer the readers an interesting material on the fact, how an ablution stimulates the cerebral cortex and why it is Sunna to renew your ablution after it is spoiled. First of all, a cerebral cortex is working according to the dominant principle, i.e. if the there is one excited area in the cerebral cortex, it suppresses the rest of the cortex activity. Going to the toilet is an enormous excitement factor which suppresses the rest of the cerebral cortex. An ablution, performed after this brings the entire cortex into the optimal condition. An English scientist U. Penfield made the following discovery in 1956: an irritation of certain skin areas excites certain areas of the cerebral cortex. An ablution, especially the one performed thrice, is such an optimal excitement (irritation). One can see in the scheme of this English scientist U. Penfield how almost all the cerebral cortex is getting excited when ablution is done. In this scheme one sees very distinctly that while giving an ablution to these certain body parts a much greater area of the cerebral cortex gets activated rather than while washing the whole body. According to Sunna, an ablution is to be done not only before Solah but also before any natural enterprise: a trip, studying etc where an active and dynamic brainwork is required.

All this knowledge on the effects of ablution would be not possible if the scientific discoveries had not been made, starting from China, 5 thousand years ago and in England in the 20th century. Therefore, science is one of the Islam's constituents. One of the Hadiths says: "There are two sciences: religion science and body science". And today's scientific discoveries show the interrelationship of these two sciences. It shows that science is Islam's constituent. Sharl Meesmar very truly said: "An increase in knowledge of the science's weakens faith of the follower of other religions , but increases the faith of the followers of Islam". Perhaps, Islam appreciates the time, spent on science study, rather than the time, spent on formal and unconscious performing of Islamic rites. It is not difficult to imagine a cerebral cortex condition of a Muslim who performs an ablution 5 times a day and who renews it each time he breaks it, it is Sunna to be in a state of ablution all the time. Wallau A'lam


Indahnya Islam said...

assalamualaikum, it seems tome that you know a lot of stuff and relate it to Islam .Keep on the good work bro. Salam

Rizal Abu Bakar said...


Thanks for the encouraging words. My small da'wah efforts in this big world...