Sunday, September 14, 2008

Amazing Video - Dome of the mosque fly only with Zikr?

Believe it or not a dome mosque was transfered to a new mosque adjacent to it with a mere zikrullah. In 2002, an old mosque dome were moved to the new mosque in Kailolo Village, Haruku Island, Central Maluku Indonesia with just zikrullah. It was reported that around 3000 muslims gathered and performing zikr in the old mosque and 'biiznillah' the dome from old mosque was transfered by itself, slowly to its new position.It is also reported that these 3000 muslims fasting for 3 consecutive days and performed qiyamullail for 3 consecutive nites. They continued to perform zikr the next day which resulted the dome to slowly take off and landed on the new mosque. Thousands of people became hysterical to witness 'once in a lifetime miracle'.The incident occurred in 2002 and the footage was only released in 2007. Do you believe it? See it for yourself and then decide. The footage quality is not good but you can clearly hear people were shock horror witnessing this 'miracle'.

An Indonesian TV station Trans 7 aired the footage as well.

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