Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Prophet’s Practice During Ramadhan

The sahabah used to say that with the start of ramadhan they would note an increase in three things in the practice of the Messenger of Allah. The Prophet would dramatically increase his worship, despite the fact that his normal worship was such that his noble feet would swell from standing in prayer for extensive periods of time. He was tremendously generous in giving for the sake of Allah, and during this month he would open his heart and hands even more in charity. He would increase his weeping in front of Allah in fear and humility, seeking repentance.

Increasing worship, charity and supplication are prophetic examples that all muslims should strive to follow with sincerity. Muslims tire their bodies everyday in their work, but there should be at least some time during their lifetime when the body gets exhausted in worship. There should come a time when the eyes long for sleep, but the worshipper reminds himself that struggling to stay awake seeking Allah’s pleasure will earn him the honour of looking upon Allah in Paradise. The eyes that stay awake now will sleep soundly in grave. Only after death do restless hearts find peace. Only he sleeps soundly who remained awake.

Ramadhanis the month of staying awake during the night in worship. Believers should accustom themselves to less rest and sleep and respect this month for the holy month of struggle, sacrifice and immense blessing that it is.

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salam aidilfitri....thanks for being as my best lecturer...may Allah bless u n your family....