Friday, August 14, 2009

Islamic Solution to Depression

Islamic Solution to Depression:

* Defining Goal of life: Islam teaches us that we should focus our goal on succeeding in our life to come after this life. If we emphasize on the transitory nature of this worldly life-then most of our problems of this life lose it’s importance in our lives and subsequently lose their power of a having negative impact on us.
* With difficulty, comes ease.
* Everyone needs a support system, and everyone needs a best friend, and everyone need role models.
* God never burdens a soul more than it can bear.
* Develop gratitude for the blessings that God has given you.
* A depressed person needs a source to turn to, turn to God for help, support, mercy and forgiveness.
* If there is a God, and there is, only good will become of the negative situation one finds themselves in.
* Find out purpose and value in your life and in everything that you’re going through.
* Incorporate prayer in your schedule at least twice a day. Talk to God.
* Live one day at a time.
* Surrender your unmanageable problems and things over which you’ve lost control of to God.
* Always Hope in Allah’s mercy.
* Get involved with your religious organizations, charities, or some other volunteer work
* One should say “al-hamdu lillah” a few hundred times a day. A phrase in the Arabic language that means “All praise and gratitude for God”. Muslims say this phrase when they are in difficult situations.
* If we think it is a bad situation, it could have been worse. If we think it is a good situation, it is still a test for us. Everything is from God and we should praise Him often. Thanking Him is one way to praise Him—al-hamdu lillah.
* Each one of us came to this world for a purpose
* Exercise
* Nutrition
* Sleep well
* Read
* Contemplate
* Write a Journal
* Reconnect with your lost relationships
* Spend time in nature

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